Bath Mat Linen, Soft Blue

Bath Mat Linen, Soft Blue

240 kr

To stand on after your shower. Wipe the wet floor and hang to dry for the next time. Linen is eminently appropriate in such a product due to its high absorbency and quick drying rate. The mat is a cross between a scouring rag, a bath-mat and a floor towel.

Design: Ingela Berntsson for Växbo Lin. Since the late 1980´s Ingela works exclusively with Växbo Lin, a great collaboration that teaches both older and newer generations to value the old traditional handicraft and to be careful with natures resources. The result is products that lasts for generations and contributes to a more environmental friendly mindset. 

Size: 50 x 70 cm (19.7 x 27.5 inches).

Material:  100% linen. Eco-labeled natural product, made in Sweden.

Care: Wash in 60° together with the whites or boil it in a pot on the cooker. Do not tumble dry!

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