Black Linen Hand Towel "Bubbel"

250 kr

This towel is woven in a honeycomb pattern, which is extremely pleasant to the touch. Bubbel has superb absorbing properties and will be perfect in your bathroom together with Bubbel Bath towel, but why not also in your kitchen. Avoid mangling for maximum honeycomb effect.

Linen absorbs moisture better than any other natural fibre. Linen towels can be used almost anywhere: in the kitchen, bathroom, sauna, cottage etc. Can you imagine a greater everyday luxury than drying your face and hands with a linen towel? Linen gives you a superb feeling on your skin. If your skin is warm, linen feels cool, and if your skin is cold, linen will warm it. In the kitchen, our linen towels are perfect for drying glasses and china, as hand towels and as a chef’s towel tucked into your apron string.

Designed by Ingela Berntsson and made in Sweden by Växbo Lin.

Size 50 x 70 mm

Material: 100% linen

Care: Machine washable. Stretch the linen after wash and hang it to dry.

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