Dish Cloth Linen, Black

Dish Cloth Linen, Black

125 kr

This wonderful dish cloth is made in 100% linen, a natural material that lasts a long time. The dishcloth is woven in a technique that makes it soft and pliable, it’s bound and hemmed on two sides. Available in lots of different colours.

Linen has the unique ability to absorb moisture better and dry faster than any natural material. Since linen comes from nature the cloth is compostable and might even give birth to new linen flowers...

Design: Ingela Berntsson for Växbo Lin. 

Size: 33 x 33 cm (13 x 13 inches).

Material:  100% linen. Eco-labeled natural product, made in Sweden.

Care: Wash the dish cloth in 60° together with the whites or boil it in a pot on the cooker. Do not tumble dry!

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