Illustrated Black and White Ceramic Cup with Handle "Willow"

300 kr
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A small ceramic cup for tea or coffee, made in a collaboration between calligrapher Marianne Pettersson-Soold and ceramicist Karin Eriksson. The cup is cast in a white high fired stoneware clay, glazed in a matte silky soft white glaze and decorated with Mariannes illustrations that have been screen printed with porcelain paint and fired into the ceramic surface.Produced in Sweden and the UK.

Size: height 80 mm (3.1 inches) dia 65 mm (2.6 inches). A cup holds approximately 2,5 dl (0.6 lbs) of liquid. Please note the cups are made by hand and small differences in size, surface or colour may occur.
Material: High fired stoneware clay, porcelain paint.
Care: The cups can be washed in the dishwasher and microwaved.