Flower fakir

The flower fakir has its origins in the Japanese art form of Ikebana, which means making flowers come alive. 

Our fakirs have a heavy bottom plate and many copper pins on which the plants are placed. Depending on the size of the fakir, the weight varies.  

You can choose to arrange many different flowers, a sprig with beautiful leaves or a small spring flower. The fakir so easily attracts floral joy, you just have to follow the plants and your own feeling. 

Brand: Indigo & Friends  

Size (diameter): 34mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm  

Material: base plate in metal and needles in copper. The fakir ages beautifully, but does not rust.  

Contents: the flower fakirs are carefully packed in a box. It comes with an information sheet with many useful tips and inspiration. The fakir also includes a rubber ring that is used to prevent the fakir from slipping and to protect sensitive surfaces.

210 kr
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